On Par with Love
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Friday, June 28, 2013
By Brook Fritz
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It was the perfect day in just about every way. The wedding of Terry & Joni Spratt took place at Kahler Glen Golf Course near Lake Wenatchee on Saturday June 22nd. And when I say it took place at the golf course, I really mean ON the golf course - the 18th green to be specific.

With a perfect 80 degrees-with-a-breeze day and the full blessing of the course general manager and staff (very rare indeed), Bella worked her photo magic as I officated the ceremony, now that I'm ordained. Their ceremony was witnessed by Rick & Kari Pompeo. After the "I-do's", the newly-wed couple sank a put in tandem with their putters. A few more pics then we had to scram...after all, the next foursome was teed-up and ready to finish their round.

Terry and Joni were so fun to shoot, as are most couples in love, and they were open to try any creative shot that Bella had a vision for. Terry and Joni also ride Harleys and wanted to make sure that their 2-wheeled lifestyle was also represented as a part of who they are. That was a blast tying cans to the back of Terry's bike and doing a creative session. The thunder of a Harley engine and clanking tin cans is a unique combo.

Then it was off to play in the delightfully touristy town of Leavenworth. That's Leavenworth, Washington - not Leavenworth, Kansas - a maximum security penitentiary - just to be clear.

They celebrated their first dance, cake cutting and garter toss at their favorite beer garten, Munchen Haus, who also had a fantastic blues band who got the whole crowd worked-up and involved with their celebration, to top off the evening.


A very special thanks are in order to Vera Mikhaylik of Vera M Styling for hair & makeup, Joni (a different one) the amazing ballon guru at Safeway in Leavenworth, Marcus Wood & Sue Hennessey, Glen Weeks, GM of Kahler Glen Golf Course and Brad, who arranged all the details with the course marshall, golf carts and radios, and to Munchen Haus for the best local beer and brauts.

PS- Glen, we didn't wear any heels on the manicured green. 





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T-Bone - WOW!!! Everytime I see these pictures, though just a sampling of many, I am truly blown away. Bella, one of your testimonial commenters said that in your "art" "you tell stories within stories". So true and within our story there are so many more. Thankfully, many of those include my new family and within those, many include the two of you. Thank you so much for your eye to every detail, your continuing efforts to make our marriage and our story(ies) so picture perfect (no pun intended). Thank you brother for making us both focus on the fact that what Joni and I have found in each other - together - is a gift from God. He is our strenght, He is our rock and He has allowed us to come together for which I will be eternally grateful. He also used this occasion to create something unique in this family of which I am proud to be apart of in so many ways. You are very special to Joni and me and we will always be thankful for you. Again, for all your efforts and love, and on behalf of both Joni and me - graci!
Joanne Moore! - Congrats kids. Looked like a really fun little wedding. Great job on the pics, Bella.
Radioman - Congratulations to you Terry and Joni! Great photos to capture the wedding and celebrations!! May God bless your lives together!