Wed on the 4th of July
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Saturday, September 27, 2014
By Brook Fritz
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July 4th has special meaning to the citizens of America and an even greater significance to Teri and Kyle Petit.

They got married on the 4th of July, 2014 at Rocky Reach Dam just north of Wenatchee, Washington. 

Yes, at a dam. To be honest, when they first told us where their wedding was going to take place, we were like, huh? A dam?

Well, OK then. Bella and I are game for anything and when we went out to do a site survey, we were pleasantly suprised how beautiful the park and outdoor wedding venue is. More importantly, the day was about Teri and Kyle and their family and friends. Of all the weddings we shoot, we only blog about certain ones that touched our hearts in a unique or significant way.

 We started out at their hotel for "getting ready" shots. These are so crazy and fun because it's a chaotic dance of bridesmaids, flower girls, dresses, moms, hair & makeup, champagne. And when Brook goes to shoot the groom and his posse, it's a whole other story.....does anyone here know how to tie a tie??

Then off to the dam for the formals, not-so-formals, ceremony and reception.

Teri & Kyle are such a kind, sweet and wonderful couple! We enjoyed meeting up with them a few weeks before the wedding to do a casual shoot. It was fun and it's also a great way to get the couple more comfortable being photographed professionally....not something most people do everyday.

They really "get it" when it comes to the lasting value of investing in wedding photography too. If you think about it, there's only 3 things that will last after the ceremony, the food, the booze, and the cake are gone. It's the rings, the photography, and of course, the marriage. 

We were all hoping that Teri's grandma, whose health was failing, would hang in there and make it to the wedding. Sadly, she passed away a few months prior to their day. It turns out that her favorite color was yellow and she loved butterflies. Well, her "spirit"  but made a symbolic appearance in the form of a beautiful yellow butterfly just in time for one picture with Teri and her dad during the family formals. (See pic of Teri with her dad..and "Grandma's Messenger" to her left). We titled this picture, Butterly Kiss. Chokes me up everytime I see it!

Teri also had a small pendant picture of her grandma hanging from her bouquet that she carried througout the day. It's moments like these that remind Bella and I how fortunate and honored we are to be a part of a couple's very important day...but more so, allowed into their lives and building friendships.


We love you Teri & Kyle!


Brook & Bella


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Sis - What a lovely testimony and the butterfly picture definitely caused tears to well up in my eyes! Congratulations on an excellent shoot and your continued success. <3