Wonderland Event at Trap Studios
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Friday, April 19, 2013
By Brook Fritz
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The Wonderland Event held in Seattle at Trap Studios has to be one of the most amazing party's Bella and I have ever been to.

It all started with an idea for a themed birthday party for our Hair & Makeup stylist, Vera M, who would go as the character Alice.

With the help of hard-working volunteers, they transformed Trap Studios into a multi-dimensional Disney-Meets-Club atmosphere complete with DJ booth, killer sound system, light show, different rooms for face-painting, photo booth, actors in character, chill rooms with fabric-swagged walls and ceilings - complete with mushroom shaped tables.

Bella and I covered the event as well as had a great time. It was awesome being around people who were psyched to be in costume, had great attitudes and were friendly and fun - good crowd.

The music and mash-ups that the DJ's were laying down were sick. With bass pumping out of the 6 foot high bass towers, it felt like you were getting CPR but without the ribs cracking!  


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